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At Metro Access Control we specialize in a wide range of security and access control solutions for commercial and corporate properties across New York City and the surrounding New Jersey area. We are your New Jersey Automated Gates professionals. Our focus is high end system & gate integration including installation, repairs, and ongoing maintenance. We implement safety devices, traffic arms & swing gates, crash rated barriers, vehicle arrest systems, and much more. We are New Jersey licensed and certified in all areas of large scale security and access. We specialize in New York City Automated Gates. We can can custom design your security systems to suit your needs. Contact us today and let us help you secure your property.

Crash Rated Barriers

Metro Access Control can provide and install crash rated materials and products for commercial, industrial, and government applications. Our New Jersey Crash Barriers are often used for power plants, chemical plants, and government buildings. Crash ratings, known in the industry as K-rating, are a Crash Test Certification issued by the DOS (Department of State) to any of these structures that measures the stopping power of barrier in relation the speed and weight of the oncoming vehicle. The K-rating of the barrier is by having a 15,000 pound vehicle impact the barrier from a perpendicular direction.

Traffic Arms & Swing Gate Operators

Traffic arms and swinging gate operators are generally implemented in parking lots and garages. They're also used in other commercial applications such airports and public facilities. These security units can be opened automatically with a keypad, telephone entry system, or card system, or they can be manually controlled from a security booth. Swinging gates can have a simple, rugged design, or they can be elegant and attractive. While swing gates are most frequently used for commercial properties, like parking lots and garages, they can also be used for residential properties.

Physical Security System & Gate Integration

Regardless of how large your security area is we can custom build a security gate that will adequately protect your entryway. Your new security system comes with features that are designed to meet your specific needs. For instance, you can add intercoms, code pads, remote control from inside the building and so much more. We also install cameras around your gates for 24-hour surveillance. Gates come available in different styles and colors that can match your exterior landscape and different sizes that range from minimal to maximum security.

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