Our New Jersey Access Systems

Whether you need high security system installations like wedge barriers or crash rated barriers, or you're looking for remote access or card systems for a commercial or industrial property in New Jersey, our New Jersey Automated Gates can help. Metro Access Control will ensure that your property has the perfect New Jersey Access Systems for your needs, and we can make sure that they're always functioning properly.

Crash Rated Barriers

New Jersey Crash Rated Barriers Metro Access Control can provide and install crash rated materials and products for commercial, industrial, and government applications. Our crash rated barriers are often used for power plants, chemical plants, and government buildings in New Jersey. Our professionals can work with you to decide on what level K-rating you need for your New Jersey property, and we can also handle every aspect of the installation and any repairs or maintenance services you may need for your crash rated barrier. Read More

Vehicle Arrest Systems & Wedge Barriers

New Jersey Vehicle Barriers Our vehicle arrest systems and wedge barriers are two of the most effective ways Metro Access Control can help you keep any unwanted vehicles off of your property.Both of these devices will keep nay unwanted vehicles from being able to enter any space where they are unwanted, and they're indispensable tools when it comes to vehicular security. Our professionals can work with you to determine whether wedge barriers and/or vehicle arrest systems are right for your security needs and your property, and we can handle the entire installation job. Read More

Vehicle Detection Systems

New Jersey Vehicle Detection Systems Vehicle detection systems (which may also be called inductive-loop traffic detectors) are devices which detect the presence of vehicles passing or arriving at an area. They may be used for traffic lights, parking structures, or gates. Inductive loop vehicle detection is the most reliable and cost-effective method of vehicle detection there is. he professionals at Metro Access Control can work with you to help you decide whether or not vehicle detection systems could benefit your New Jersey property. Read More

Pedestrian Turnstiles

New Jersey Pedestrian Turnstiles Whether your commercial property in New Jersey need simple, manually operated pedestrian turnstiles that won't be used more than a few times a day or you're looking for a completely automated turnstile system that will be used continuously, our professionals can help. We can help you decide on the best design and style for your property and your uses, and we can handle every aspect of the installation. Read More

Card Systems: Readers, Swipe, and Proximity

New Jersey Card Entry Systems In buildings with high traffic, like office buildings, governmental buildings, hotels, or other commercial and industrial properties in New Jersey, key card systems can be extremely beneficial. Not only do these systems help keep the building secure and allow only authorized personnel to various rooms or sections of the property, but they also for quick and easy passage with as little hassle as possible. Read More

Remote Access: Telephone Entry and Intercoms

New Jersey Remote Entry System Telephone entry systems and intercoms will give you a number of great benefits. They can keep your property more secure, and they'll also make entering your home or commercial property much easier—plus, the systems will make it easier for you to keep of track of all of the people who are entering your property. Read More

Walk-Through Metal Detectors Service

Walk-Through Metal Detectors Service Walk-through metal detectors are an important security solution for many New Jersey businesses, not just for airports and government buildings. At Metro Access Control, we believe that security is very important in today's world. Safety is a priority for schools, hospitals, football stadiums, concert venues, and other places where the public could be at risk. Read More

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