Walk-Through Metal Detectors Service

New-Jersey-Walk-Through Metal DetectorsWalk-through metal detectors are an important security solution for many New Jersey businesses, not just for airports and government buildings. At Metro Access Control, we believe that security is very important in today's world. Safety is a priority for schools, hospitals, football stadiums, concert venues, and other places where the public could be at risk.

Our walk through metal detectors can minimize potential threats and increase the security of your commercial property in New Jersey. Our team offers professional security installation as well as training for our clients. When a walk-through metal detector is combined with other safety and security systems, you have the peace of mind knowing that security breaches are minimized.

Metro Access Control offers two of the most noteworthy multi-zone walk-through metal detectors. We install the leading industry Garrett PD 6500i™ Enhanced Pinpoint Walk-Through Metal Detector and the equally desirable CEIA Security Metal Detectors, both of which offer advanced technology for targeting guns, knives, and other weapons.

We would be glad to answer your questions and provide information about our walk-through metal detectors service in New Jersey. Contact us at your convenience to schedule a consultation.

Assessing Your Security Needs

Controlling the flow of foot traffic is important when setting up and operating walk-through metal detectors. If there aren't enough detectors, some individuals in the crow could enter or leave the building without going through the checkpoint. You will need to consider how many you need and at what specific locations they need to be installed. With the right setup, you will be able to control the flow of traffic effectively. We can help you make this assessment during your consultation.

Pinpointing A Security Risk

Our metal detectors are powerful enough to pinpoint the exact location of a possible weapon because the are multi-zone detectors. Single zone detectors can locate a concealed weapon, but not exactly where it is located. It will make a difference if you can respond quickly to a security threat. And when you scan a large volume of people, you will be able to process them quickly.

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