Our New Jersey Automated Gate Services

New Jersey Automated Gates are a great way to improve the security of your property, and it can also help you more efficiently control and keep track of who is entering. At Metro Access Control, our professionals have several years of experience with the installation, repair, and maintenance of automated gates, and we can make sure that yours is always is in the best condition possible. Our New Jersey Automated Gate Services can handle absolutely any job, and we always guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work.

Security System and Gate Integration

New Jersey Security Gates Our security gate systems help home and business owners ensure that their property is kept both private and secure. Automatic gate systems will make security a much more easily reached goal for property they're installed on, whether or not other security measures are in place. Our contractors will work with you directly to make sure you're getting everything you need from the services we provide, and we'll guarantee that your security system and gate integration project is completed on time and within your budget. Read More

Repairs: Maintenance Contracts and Emergency Service

New Jersey Gate Repairs Problems with an automated gated security system mean that your property is more vulnerable to intrusion and security breaches, so we'll always treat these repairs with urgency. We'll arrive on the site as soon as possible, and we'll work to get the job done quickly. However, we'll never sacrifice the quality of our work to get a job done more quickly. We offer emergency services for any unexpected issues that may arise, and we also offer maintenance contracts, which can be totally tailored to your needs. Read More

Existing System Troubleshooting

New Jersey Electric Gate Repairs There are many different problems that could crop up with an automated gate system, whether your telephone entry system stops working or the gate stops opening automatically after a power outage. There are also a number of different causes for each of these problems, and determining the exact cause is extremely important, but also can be difficult. If you're having difficulties with your automated gate system, the professional technicians at Metro Access Control can troubleshoot your system, determine the cause, and find the best ways to go about repairing your system. Read More

Safety Devices (Photo Eyes)

New Jersey Automatic Gate Safety Devices Our professionals can work with you to find the safety devices that would be perfect for your residential or commercial property in New Jersey, and we can handle the installation, repairs, and maintenance for any of these devices.We can help you determine which of these devices would suit your purposes best, and we always guarantee that we'll ensure you're getting everything you need from the products and services that we provide. Read More

Traffic Arms

New Jersey Traffic Arms New Jersey traffic arms are most commonly used in parking lots and garages. They're also used in other commercial applications, including airports and public facilities. If you’re looking to enjoy the kind of security and protection that only traffic arms can offer, you need to look to Metro Access Systems today. Read More

Swinging Gates

New Jersey Swinging Gates Keeping the flow of traffic into your New Jersey business in check is essential for maintaining your security, and a great investment for that purpose is a swinging gate. To enjoy the most dependable protection for your New Jersey business, you need to look to none other than Metro Access Control. Read More

Driveway Gates

New Jersey Driveway Gates If you own a home in New Jersey, security is an important issue that driveway gates can help with. Even better, an automated driveway gate for your estate or property increases the security of your family and home even more. This second line of defense is important and can be very convenient with automated gate systems. Read More

Retractable Bollards

New Jersey Driveway Gates Metro Access Control LLC brings you cutting-edge retractable bollards, the ultimate security solution for New Jersey. As a trusted provider of automated gates in the region, we are proud to offer these advanced bollards to enhance your property's protection. Read More

Wood Driveway Gates

New Jersey Driveway Gates Residential wood driveway gates offer a unique blend of aesthetic charm and functional benefits that make them a popular choice among New Jersey homeowners. These automated gates serve as a welcoming focal point, exuding a warm and rustic ambiance that complements various architectural styles. Read More

Iron Driveway Gates

New Jersey Driveway Gates Residential iron driveway gates are a stylish and practical addition to any New Jersey home's exterior. These gates are not only functional but also serve as a statement piece that enhances the overall curb appeal. Read More

Slide Driveway Gates

New Jersey Driveway Gates Slide driveway gates have become a popular choice for homeowners in New Jersey seeking both practicality and style. Nestled between the bustling urban areas and serene suburban neighborhoods, these automated gates offer a seamless solution to limited space while enhancing property security. Read More

Privacy-Security Driveway Gates

New Jersey Driveway Gates Are you considering privacy-security driveway gates for your home in New Jersey? In an age where privacy and security have become paramount concerns, automated gates offer an elegant and effective solution for safeguarding your property. These gates provide a physical barrier that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also acts as a formidable deterrent against unauthorized access. Read More

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