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Do you need to limit access to your Jamesburg property with an automated gate or access control system? If so, Metro Access Control is here to help. Over the years, our technicians have installed, repaired, and maintained automated gate and access systems for all types of businesses. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial businesses in the area.

Securing your property is important. We have a number of solutions which we can install to ensure you have complete control over who enters at the driveway or who enters specific areas of your building. We have installed systems for the FBI, New Jersey State Police, and many data centers throughout the tri-state area.

For professional service, give us a call. We'll be glad to help you increase security or maintain your existing security systems in Jamesburg.

  • Ornamental Estate Gates
  • Automated Security Gates
  • Traffic Arms & Swing Gates
  • Vehicle Detection Systems
  • Pedestrian Turnstiles
  • Vehicle Arrest Systems
  • Automated Pool Gates
  • Telephone & Intercom Entry Systems
  • Magna Lock, Card Swipes, & Panic Bars
  • and more

Automated Gate Installations In Jamesburg

An automated gate is much easier to use than a manual gate. Add some security access technology and the gate can only be accessed by those who are authorized to use it. Apartment and condominium complexes, neighborhood areas, industrial complexes, manufacturing plants, and commercial businesses regularly install this type of automated gate system.

Homeowners can benefit from this type of home security as well. We regularly install Automated gates on pool enclosures and estate entryways. If you have a home or commercial property you need to secure in Jamesburg, call us for an estimate. We sell, install, repair, and maintain Jamesburg automated gates and security access systems.

Vehicle Arrest Systems & Wedge Barriers In Jamesburg

If you are interested in a non-lethal way to stop a vehicle, the vehicle arrest system and wedge barrier are two great options. They are able to slowly and safely bring a vehicle weighing up to 7,500 lbs to a complete stop. They are made to minimize impacts, vehicle damages, and harm to vehicle occupants.

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