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Whether you own a home or a business in Edison, the security of your property and it's inhabitants is important. As a homeowner, you have options other than a security alarm to keep your home and family safe. If you are a commercial or industrial property owner or manager, security systems are vital to controlling who enters and exits certain areas of the property.

Edison Automated gates are highly beneficial for controlling vehicle traffic onto your property. As a first line of defense, they deter criminal behavior at the driveway. Access systems can be installed on all entry doors to the building or home. This gives you a second line of defense where you choose who is allowed to enter or exit certain areas.

If you are interested in discussing some options, call our New Jersey Access Systems specialists at Metro Access Control.

  • Security System & Automated gates
  • Existing System Troubleshooting
  • Safety Devices
  • Traffic Arms & Swing Gates
  • Access Systems
  • Crash Rated Barriers
  • Vehicle Arrest Systems
  • Wedge Barriers
  • Vehicle Detection Systems
  • Pedestrian Turnstiles
  • Magna Lock Systems & Panic Bars
  • Card Systems: Readers, Swipe, and Proximity
  • Remote Access: Telephone Entry & Intercoms

Installing Automated Gates For Property Security In Edison

Swimming pool access gates are just as important for homeowners as they are for multi-family or public swimming pools. Too often, children find their way outside where they can fall into the pool. A pool enclosure with access gate helps you control the area so only you or other adults can open the area. We can install access technology on your existing pool enclosure gate or install the complete system for you.

Access Control System Installations In Edison

There are a wide variety of access control systems which can help your Edison business. We also carry a number of home access control systems for homeowners who are interested in the next level of home security.

Combining an access control system with an automated estate gate offers you the ultimate in security for your Edison home. Access can be automated by telephone entry, intercom systems, readers, swipe cards, vehicle detection systems, and proximity systems.

Edison Security Gate & Access Control System Repair & Maintenance Services

Our professionals repair automated gate and access control systems in Edison. We offer emergency repairs as well as maintenance contracts to keep your security systems in good shape. When you have problems with these systems, your property is vulnerable. Let us help you keep them operating as they should.

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