Are Safety Devices Important for Automatic Gates?

How Important are Safety Devices for Automatic Gates

When you're installing an automatic gate in New Jersey, you'll need to consider what kinds of safety appliances you want to add to the gate's features. But when you're beginning the project, you may not think that these safety features are extremely important.

It can be easy to think of Automatic Gate Safety Devices as extra features or add-ons, but they actually serve an extremely important purpose.

Gates can easily cause major damage to automobiles if they don't have proper safety features installed, and it could be even worse. Without safety devices in place, your gate could cause serious injuries, or worse. The professionals at Metro Access Control can help you ensure that your automatic gate is always functioning as safely as possible.

Why Safety Devices are Essential

An automated gate usually weighs around 500 pounds and is most often constructed from very solid metal. On top of that, automated fates move with a respectable amount of force and speed. If you don't take care to ensure that your New Jersey home's automated gate system is safe, it will be very easy for someone to be seriously injured or killed by a driveway gate.

Our professionals will work with you during the design and installation of your automated gate to ensure that it always operating safely.

Things to Consider During the Installation

  • There should be no part of your New Jersey property's gate system where a person could get part of their body caught between a moving object and a stationary object.
  • A proper gate design will eliminate most areas in the gate where a person could be injured. Safety devices will help protect against injury in any parts of the gate where the risk cannot be eliminated.
  • Photo eyes help to ensure that the gate will not close if there is a person or an object in the path of the gate.
  • Reversing edges make sure that the gate will either stop its path or reverse it if the gate happens to come into contact with a person or an object.

While not installing safety devices with your automated gate may seem like an appealing way to save money on the project, ignoring the safety risks can prove to be dire. You'll be risking the injury of anyone who is entering your New Jersey property, and if someone is hurt, you will likely be financially liable.

Safety devices also protect vehicles from damage, of which you would also likely be financially responsible.

Our professional automated gate experts can work with you to ensure that you have all of the proper safety devices installed for your New Jersey Automated Gates.

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